An Ode to my Beloved Hokas

Roses are red.

Violets are blue.

My Hokas are comfy.

How about YOUR shoes?

This picture shows 4 generations of the Hoka Clifton, starting with the Clifton 2. I own 4 pair of these, two pair of the 3’s, two of the 4’s, one of the 5’s, and I’m currently training in the 6. Most of these I purchased at my favorite local running store, Lucky Road Run Shop based in Richmond, VA.

I’ve found that Hokas have a sort of cult following… as a company, they haven’t been around that long. And the cushioning and somewhat rocker bottom sole makes their profile, well, unique. But if they work for you, you will become a part of the weird Hoka following. But that’s OK. I’m comfortable with weird!

Prior to the transition to Hoka, I ran in the Saucony Triumph, then the Adidas Energy Boost. Unfortunately, the more I run, the worse my feet become, and I’m starting to develop bunions. (My husband would tell you I run too much…)

Where did I go for answers to my new foot pain? Lucky Road. When you are a part of a local running community, finding your favorite local running store is key. I know what my feet do when I run, but what I don’t know is what the new shoe upgrades mean for my feet. That’s why I need a knowledgeable sales staff who can fit me with what I need.

I tried on the first generation Clifton, and, quite honestly, I felt like I was wearing clown shoes. I just wasn’t ready for that much cushion! I also didn’t like that the tongue was not padded. But the second generation was a bit more streamlined, and I was talked into trying them by the sales team at Lucky Road. The toe box was bigger to accommodate my *ahem* aging feet, and the amount of cushion was well suited for long distances.

I’ve now run 5 marathons, multiple half marathons, and tons of training miles in some version of this shoe. I can’t say they will work for everyone, but for me, they make me feel like I’m running on clouds! Best of all, since I work in healthcare, I wear my newly retired running shoes for work! Best shoes for being on your feet all day.

Speaking of working in healthcare, I am acquainted with several doctors who recommend Hokas to their patients. And my patients often ask me about mine.

So if you become a part of this little cult, you just might find yourself in line at the grocery store wearing your Hokas when a random stranger takes a look at your shoes… then you look at theirs… and you’re both like heyyy… do you love your shoes? True story.

Published by annecreates

I am a physical therapist, wife, mom, runner, artist, and vegan. I'm passionate about helping others find wellness! Assistant Coach for the Sports Backers Marathon Training Team. Current ambassador for: Nuun, Switch4Good, and Foot Levelers Blue Ridge Marathon 2021.

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