Summer Camp for Grownups is Almost Here!

I don’t feel like I really had an off season this year. With running the Freight Train 50k in December and 3 spring half marathons, I’ve been running quite a bit. It will be fun to get back to the rituals of marathon training, though. We start in 2 weeks! I can’t believe it’s hereContinue reading “Summer Camp for Grownups is Almost Here!”

Buff City Soap: A Review!

On one of my last trips to Trader Joe’s in Short Pump, I noticed a colorful new storefront next door. Buff City Soap is new to the Richmond area, and I’m pretty excited about it! There is another location in Willow Lawn as well. The promise of plant based soaps and no harsh chemicals drewContinue reading “Buff City Soap: A Review!”

Freedom of Speech is Not a Student Right in Hanover County Schools

Ugh. This school board. Remember last month when a man came to my child’s high school to protest, holding vulgar signs, and he was allowed to do so based on a “technicality,” and that kids who walked out of class later in the month to protest proposed transgeneder rights policies were suspended for several days?Continue reading “Freedom of Speech is Not a Student Right in Hanover County Schools”

Uncorked Half Marathon 2022: Race Recap!

I ran this race in 2018 and swore I was one and done with this event, but I was lucky to win a free entry to the Uncorked Half Marathon from Austin (@eatsbyaustin on Instagram) and Sports Backers, so I was ready to give it a second chance! My reasoning was similar to why IContinue reading “Uncorked Half Marathon 2022: Race Recap!”

And This is Why I’m Grateful for Virtual Races…

Here’s the thing: healthcare providers who work in a hospital have to work weekends. Oftentimes, the managers who work on scheduling these weekend shifts have to plan months in advance, which means their staff do, too. It’s impossible to avoid the inevitable disappointment of not being able to participate in something fun because of work. Continue reading “And This is Why I’m Grateful for Virtual Races…”

Comfort Movies: That Thing You Do

Who doesn’t love a great story about an underdog who makes it big? It’s the epiphany of the American dream! And, besides, who hasn’t dreamed of becoming a rock star at some point in their lives? The first time I saw this movie was in the historic Byrd Theater in Richmond. I was knee deepContinue reading “Comfort Movies: That Thing You Do”