Do You Remember the Pace Picante Sauce Commercial?

I met the man who delivered the famous “New York City?” line! How in the world did this happen, you ask? My husband and I were out enjoying a beer at Origin Beer Lab, a local craft brewery in a sleepy little town called Ashland, which boasts its train town status and claims to beContinue reading “Do You Remember the Pace Picante Sauce Commercial?”

It Was a Long 5 Miles on the Green Loop of my Ragnar Trail Race

Trail running at night may not be my thing My one and only trail Ragnar relay race was in 2017. It’s an annual event in Richmond held in Pocahontas State Park in April. It was 36 hours of little sleep, lots of running, and time with great friends.  That particular year, Mother Nature decided toContinue reading “It Was a Long 5 Miles on the Green Loop of my Ragnar Trail Race”

My Break from Running is Over

The roads were calling After a disappointing Spring marathon training season that ended in a canceled marathon as we were running it, I decided to take a break from running. I found myself completely unmotivated to run or work out, so I listened to my body.  And life, as happens sometimes, got in the wayContinue reading “My Break from Running is Over”

My Hot Flashes are a Danger to Backyard Wildlife

The tale of an unexpected house guest Dear lovely wild birds in my backyard: just because there is an open door, it does not mean you need to fly in and explore my home. I definitely won’t hurt you, as you simply found yourself in the wrong place, and the open door was completely myContinue reading “My Hot Flashes are a Danger to Backyard Wildlife”

Days that Physical Therapists Live For

Yesterday was a good day Sometimes in the world of a healthcare provider, it’s easy to become discouraged. Too much hurt and injustice can become overwhelming. It’s no wonder that nurses are leaving their profession in droves post-pandemic. But rehab professionals are a bit different. Not that we don’t have our struggles, too, because weContinue reading “Days that Physical Therapists Live For”

Stop Telling People with Anxiety to Calm Down

Here are some things to say and do instead Keep calm and carry on. Should this be our mantra in this world full of danger, strife, and stress? Tell that to our overly anxious, overthinking brains.  As I lay in my bed, tossing and turning in that witching hour between 3:30 and 4:30 AM thisContinue reading “Stop Telling People with Anxiety to Calm Down”

I Promised Myself I’d Take Time Off from Running

But this feels weird Here’s the deal. I was supposed to run America’s Toughest Road Race, the Blue Ridge Marathon, the other weekend. And I did. Well, sort of.  The race was canceled due to severe thunderstorms about 6 miles into my race. We made it 9 miles to the stop where buses would pickContinue reading “I Promised Myself I’d Take Time Off from Running”

What Guides Your Moral Compass?

Mine is guided by empathy.  There’s nothing necessarily wrong if yours is guided by your religion, but let’s be clear about what your religion teaches.  If your leaders are teaching you things like, “Hate the sin, love the sinner,” or that certain groups of people don’t deserve God’s grace, then maybe your religion isn’t trulyContinue reading “What Guides Your Moral Compass?”