A Story about Chickens

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you may remember that I used to keep chickens. I really enjoyed their company. It was partly because of my experience with them that I went vegan.  When I first started keeping chickens, I was still eating them. My husband became heavily immersed in the CrossfitContinue reading “A Story about Chickens”

Simple Air Fried Tofu

The air fryer is an appliance everyone should have in their kitchen. Mine is the Cuisinart that is readily available at Costco. Not only does it air fry, but it’s also a toaster, oven, and convection oven. We are on our second one. Our first lasted a few months past its third birthday. The warranty,Continue reading “Simple Air Fried Tofu”

Burn the White Flag

Waking up to day 3 in a post-Roe America is surreal. I had another piece on this topic prepared for today, but it didn’t seem very cohesive, so I started again. Since Friday, I have felt so many different emotions: humiliation, panic, rage, numbness, complete and utter sorrow, and reliving my childhood assault once again.Continue reading “Burn the White Flag”

Sometimes it’s the little things…

For the past 2 weeks, I’ve been working a lot of hours in a different department at my hospital. I’m normally in inpatient rehab, but I’ve been spending a lot of time in acute care. It’s a great change of pace, and the crew in that department is super helpful and so friendly! The otherContinue reading “Sometimes it’s the little things…”

Vegan Overnight Oats

Now that summer is here, it might be nice to have some cold breakfast meals that don’t include cereal that comes from a box! As a vegetarian, I used to make overnight oats frequently in the warmer months, and so I decided to veganize my basic recipe, with a few add ins! The new additions?Continue reading “Vegan Overnight Oats”

The Best Vegan Collard Greens

I wasn’t really a fan of cooked greens until I was an adult. It’s a crime of epic proportions to have missed out on a childhood of this delicious Southern dish when, in fact, I did grow up in “the South.” I didn’t really start to like these until I met my husband! Even backContinue reading “The Best Vegan Collard Greens”

Imposter Marathoner Syndrome

Here we go again. I’m experiencing the familiar pangs of doubt that plague me at the start of each marathon training season. It doesn’t matter that I help coach a marathon training team, that I have run 9 marathons prior, an ultra marathon at the end of last year, and 3 half marathons this yearContinue reading “Imposter Marathoner Syndrome”

An Evening with Michelle Obama

An evening over 2 years in the making, I originally purchased tickets for this night with the Richmond Forum as a Christmas gift for my daughters in 2019. She was scheduled to speak in March of 2020, but as the news of the Covid pandemic percolated and cases began to skyrocket, this night was indefinitelyContinue reading “An Evening with Michelle Obama”

And So It Begins…

Wow! What a beautiful weekend Mother Nature provided for all who participated in the opening days of the Sports Backers Marathon Training Team! We had temperatures in the 60’s for our runs with unheard of low humidity for June. This is my 9th season training with MTT and my 4th as an assistant coach. IContinue reading “And So It Begins…”

It’s Getting Hot in Here (Tips for Summer Running: Part 2)

It’s getting so hot… I’m gonna take my clothes off!  Ahh… no one wants to see that. But truly, summers in Virginia are obnoxiously hot and humid. If you’re in your late 40’s and a woman like me, you’re likely also dealing with some perimenopausal personal summers to layer on top of the already brutalContinue reading “It’s Getting Hot in Here (Tips for Summer Running: Part 2)”