The Hop Craft Pizza and Beer: Vegan Restaurant Review

When I went vegan in 2017, one of the things I missed most was pizza. I simply couldn’t find a vegan one that really stacked up to their non-vegan counterparts. It was easier just to not eat pizza. (I know. Sad, right?) That is, until I discovered Hop Craft RVA, which has quickly become a family favorite. They are vegan friendly, but have options for everyone. This is very necessary in my multi diet household. 

The My Vegan Girlfriend pizza

My first trip there was with my daughter a couple of years ago. I can’t remember how I heard about the restaurant, but we had been museum hopping, and a Google search for vegan friendly restaurants reminded me that I’d wanted to try it. I was so excited to have not just one choice, but multiple menu options! 

We loved our meals so much, we brought home pizza to go for the rest of the family. The next time my husband was up for a dining adventure, he was like, “Hey, what’s that pizza and beer place you got that pizza from last time? Let’s go there!” Clearly, I created another fan. 

Speaking of beer, in addition to great pizza, they have a variety of adult beverages on tap. Selection rotates, but they typically have at least one cider in the mix, which is my personal favorite. Don’t see anything you like? You can purchase a cold 6 pack from their fridge or a bottle of wine. Lots of variety. 

The Pickleback pizza

I’ve had a few of their pizzas now, but my default is the vegan Pickleback. There’s something hilarious about eating a pizza whose name is inspired by the band everyone loves to hate. But with Unmoo vegan cheese, soy chorizo, pickles, a kick ass red sauce, and the best crust ever, there’s nothing to hate about this pizza. Even my omnivorous younger daughter thinks this one is delicious. The rest of my family is equally happy with the non-vegan options. 

Closeup of the Pickleback! Look at all that melty Unmoo cheese!

What’s even better is that they have Unmoo Vegan Slice night every Thursday with a rotating variety of vegan options. One day, I will make it to one of these! If you’ve never had Unmoo cheese, you should. It’s a cashew based vegan cheese that melts like dairy mozzarella, and it’s made locally in the RVA. It really makes the pizza. A Thursday visit supports two locally owned businesses at once! 

An example of their selections for Unmoo Slice night! Graphic courtesy of The Hop.

The Hop also participates in Vegan Food Week every year in Richmond. Last time, they did a vegan lasagna special, which I missed. I really hope they bring this back!

Logistics notes: even though The Hop is on Cary Street in the heart of the fan/VCU area, they do have parking. They also have a few indoor tables and a large outdoor dining area. 

I’m ecstatic that we found a restaurant that makes everyone in my family super happy! If it’s been a while since you’ve had pizza as a vegan, go get one of their vegan pies with unmoo cheese. I swear, it will make you cry, it’s so good. 

Want to learn more? Visit their website and/or follow The Hop on Instagram @hopcraftrva to see what’s new! If you live in the Richmond area, have you ever dined here? I’d love to hear about your experience! If you haven’t, you should go! As always, I hope you all are safe and healthy. 

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