The Silver Diner: Vegan Restaurant Review

One of my vegan friends clued me into the fact that the Silver Diner has recently upped its vegan game. Since the Innsbrook location is not too far from home, my husband and I ventured there for dinner for the first time in a couple of years. 

Real diner style!
The juke box at our table

Known regionally for seeking locally sourced items for their menu, the Silver Diner offers a wide selection of omni and vegan friendly choices, including breakfast served all day. They have several locations throughout Virginia and Maryland, with one restaurant in New Jersey. Paying homage to American kitschy decor, their diners look like they jumped out of the 1950’s. For Covid, they have plexiglass barriers between the booths, and the counter seating is not in place right now. 

My meal at the Silver Diner!

For our dinner, my husband and I both chose breakfast, although I was tempted by the beyond meat tacos and the seasonal vegan menu item, Hummingbird Farms roasted tomatoes. I almost got the Just Egg Benedict, but I had my heart set on the oat milk protein blueberry pancakes before I even walked in the door. I also ordered a side of vegan sausage, and my husband and I shared an order of home fries. 

The Oat Milk Protein Blueberry Pancakes

I was really happy with my meal. The sausage was really tasty. The pancakes were amazing! Packed with blueberries, the real surprise was the addition of crushed pistachios! With a whopping 40g of protein, they came with a side of agave syrup and coconut whipped cream, which added a perfect extra sweetness to these. 

Check out some of the veggie menu items:

Just one part of the menu at the Silver Diner that features vegan items!

Overall, I was pleased with our experience today. I’m impressed with the variety of choices for vegans on the menu, including a few things made with Beyond Meat and Just Egg. The service was great. They have kept many of the Covid precautions in place, and their staff are still wearing masks. Now if they could just make some vegan milkshakes, it would be perfect! We will be back!

Have you ever been to the Silver Diner? I’d love to hear about your experience! As always, I hope you all are safe and healthy.


In May 2022, I updated my review in this post! The Silver Diner answered my plea for vegan milkshakes!

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