Minglewood Bake Shop: Vegan Restaurant Review

There’s nothing quite like the joy a vegan experiences when they visit an all vegan space! Remember my reference to the new vegan bakery in Carytown from my recent post about the rungries? This is the bakery I was talking about!

Minglewood Bake Shop is in the heart of Carytown in Richmond, VA. Carytown is known for its eclectic, artsy vibe, and features many unique, local restaurants. Located in the old Guitar Works building at 3337 Cary Street, the bakery is currently open 8-4 Monday through Thursday, 8-6 Friday through Sunday, and features indoor and outdoor seating with decor that pays homage to its prior tenant.

The indoor seating area at Minglewood. Notice the Guitar Works sign!

My older daughter was home from college, and my younger daughter had a flexible learning day. So on a seemingly random Monday, we decided to spend a few hours in Carytown. We ended up visiting the bakery as our last stop, and it was about 15 minutes before they closed. I was afraid we would miss out on getting any great treats, but as luck would have it, it seemed to be a great time to visit! 

Entering the store, we were greeted by the amazing smell of fresh brewed coffee as well as an enticing sweetness. We were excited that they had some of their goods half off! We chose a variety of cookies, brownies, coffee cake, a cupcake, and a cinnamon bun. Since it was our first visit, it was important to sample as many items as we could, you know, for research! My daughters also got iced nutella lattes (these were so good, I had to take a moment after that first sip). In addition to these sugary snacks, the bakers also make chick’n pot pies that have received great reviews! These do sell out fast, though!

An assortment of delicious sweet treats!

I have to say, everything we tried was super delicious. You couldn’t tell anything was vegan. They even make cakes and pies, so I’m hoping that I can get one of their cakes for my next birthday! If your dietary needs also require gluten-free and nut-free options, they make these, too! From what I’ve read, all of their baked goods use allergy friendly oat milk as their non-dairy milk. And they had several GF items, not just one or two. It’s always nice to have multiple options, right? 

The staff were all super friendly. You could tell that they genuinely care about their customers. In addition to their tasty bakery treats and coffee drinks, they have some pretty amazing general merchandise, including t-shirts and stickers. I bought a sticker that promptly went on my computer when I got home. I’m going back for a t-shirt with the same logo!

My new laptop decor!

I will definitely return! Minglewood has another fan. Please visit next time you’re in Richmond. It’s worth the special trip. Even if you’re not vegan, you will love their sweet treats!


Do you love bakeries as much as I do? I’m so happy there is an all vegan one now in the RVA!

As always, I hope you all are safe and healthy.

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I am a physical therapist, wife, mom, runner, artist, and vegan. I'm passionate about helping others find wellness, speaking about the human experience, and in fighting for social justice. Assistant Coach for the Sports Backers Marathon Training Team. Current ambassador for: Boco Gear, SaltStick, SPIbelt, Goodr, Noxgear, and Switch4Good.

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