Comfort Movies: Legally Blonde

Yes, I know. How ironic that a blonde would love this movie? Yet another underdog story, Elle Woods becomes the unlikely hero for underestimated women everywhere! My friend Sarah and I can quote virtually every line from this movie, which we often did while on training runs during marathon season. They would come out ofContinue reading “Comfort Movies: Legally Blonde”

Comfort Movies: That Thing You Do

Who doesn’t love a great story about an underdog who makes it big? It’s the epiphany of the American dream! And, besides, who hasn’t dreamed of becoming a rock star at some point in their lives? The first time I saw this movie was in the historic Byrd Theater in Richmond. I was knee deepContinue reading “Comfort Movies: That Thing You Do”

Comfort Movies: The Sound of Music

The closing song for the Elliot in the Morning show on DC101 is a punked up version of “So Long, Farewell.” It makes me chuckle every time I hear it. He even mashes up a bit of Ozzy Ozbourne in toward the end. It’s brilliant. And that’s a testament to the lasting influence of theContinue reading “Comfort Movies: The Sound of Music”