New Ambassadorships!

I know I spend a lot of time on my blog discussing events and issues that make me decidedly unhappy, but today I’m going to talk about something that is bringing me some joy right now!

Ambassadorships are a fun way to engage with the running community, especially on social media. This is the time of year that if you are friends with runners, you may see a smattering of logos streaming across your feed, with runners announcing their affiliations. Is it necessary to do this to enjoy the sport? Absolutely not! But if I love a product, I talk about it anyway. I might as well get some discounts for my free advertising! Many of these programs also have Facebook groups where you get to meet other athletes from all over the world. I have met some of my best online friends through these programs. 

With the exception of the Foot Levelers Blue Ridge Marathon, I started with a clean slate this year. (And if you are looking for a fun runcation, their races are very well organized with beautiful courses. Roanoke is a fun place to visit! You can use my code MAGEE2022 for 20% off registration for any race distance). I am excited to tell you that I have been selected for both the Boco Gear and SaltStick ambassador programs!

My Ragnar visor is made by Boco Gear!

Boco Gear is famous for their elastic back visors and Technical Trucker hats! They also make epically awesome gear for many races, like Ragnar and Ironman, and for smaller companies as well. Even better, their founder is a woman! They have a great custom gear program, so if you need that special hat for your run club, business, or event, they can make something completely unique and amazing just for you. I especially love that their visors incorporate the elastic back into the design (I’m such a visor girl!).  

SaltStick has been an essential part of my electrolyte regimen for long runs and races for years. I especially love all of their Fast Chews, which taste like Sweet Tarts, but with all of the essential salts you need to prevent muscle cramping. I could not have made it through my ultramarathon without these. All but the orange flavor are vegan! If you want to check out their products, you can get 20% off with my Friends and Family discount, Anne2022. I’m really happy to be a part of the #sweatercrew this year!

Ready for a long run!

If you aren’t already familiar with these companies, I hope you check them out for yourself and find out how great they are!

And as of today, I have officially re-upped my coaching gig with the Pink Nation, one of the marathon training teams with Sports Backers. I’m excited to usher in a new group of marathoners and to reunite with old friends. Like summer camp for grownups, it’s the most wonderful time of the year!


As always, I hope you all are safe and healthy.

Published by annecreates

I am a physical therapist, wife, mom, runner, artist, and vegan. I'm passionate about helping others find wellness, speaking about the human experience, and in fighting for social justice. Assistant Coach for the Sports Backers Marathon Training Team. Current ambassador for: Boco Gear, SaltStick, SPIbelt, Goodr, Noxgear, and Switch4Good.

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