Variety is the Spice of Writing

Why I shall remain nicheless When I started my WordPress blog, I initially kept my focus on wellness. There are so many aspects to wellness, including spiritual health. And for me, wellness includes following a vegan diet and exercising on a regular basis, with my main fitness love as running.   The first part of developingContinue reading “Variety is the Spice of Writing”

It Was a Long and Stinky Night

Tales of a tooting dog, interrupted sleep, and ominous dreams After a long night of my dog trying to push me out of my own bed, unleashing almost lethal gaseous emissions that smelled like a skunk, the funk of which kept blasting me awake, and finally her begging to go out to relieve herself ofContinue reading “It Was a Long and Stinky Night”

There’s No Need to Fear the Red Pen

A great editor is a gift  Think back to your very first editor.  Mine was my mom. Before my teachers read my papers, my mom would look them over, correcting grammatical errors and also spelling. Yes, unfortunately, I’m so old that spell check wasn’t yet a thing. We did it old school. Sometimes we wentContinue reading “There’s No Need to Fear the Red Pen”