It Was a Long and Stinky Night

Tales of a tooting dog, interrupted sleep, and ominous dreams After a long night of my dog trying to push me out of my own bed, unleashing almost lethal gaseous emissions that smelled like a skunk, the funk of which kept blasting me awake, and finally her begging to go out to relieve herself ofContinue reading “It Was a Long and Stinky Night”

“Not Bad, for a Girl”

A tale of two English teachers My 9th-grade Advanced English class was an exercise in humility. My teacher, Mr. Hespinhide, was one of those bitter, older men who delighted in making his students miserable. Or at least afraid of him. He had grey, unruly hair, an equally unkempt beard, and a foul attitude. I thinkContinue reading ““Not Bad, for a Girl””