There’s No Need to Fear the Red Pen

A great editor is a gift  Think back to your very first editor.  Mine was my mom. Before my teachers read my papers, my mom would look them over, correcting grammatical errors and also spelling. Yes, unfortunately, I’m so old that spell check wasn’t yet a thing. We did it old school. Sometimes we wentContinue reading “There’s No Need to Fear the Red Pen”

“Not Bad, for a Girl”

A tale of two English teachers My 9th-grade Advanced English class was an exercise in humility. My teacher, Mr. Hespinhide, was one of those bitter, older men who delighted in making his students miserable. Or at least afraid of him. He had grey, unruly hair, an equally unkempt beard, and a foul attitude. I thinkContinue reading ““Not Bad, for a Girl””