Looking forward to fall!

Blah. Today’s run was terrible. I thought I was doing myself a favor by waiting until today to run, because yesterday’s weather was rainy. There were a few sprinkly breaks, but for the most part, there was either steady rain or all out downpours all day. And honestly, I just wasn’t feeling a rainy runContinue reading “Looking forward to fall!”

On falling in love with dogs…

One of my favorite stories to tell to my patients or to my running companions is about how this once professed cat lover/dog hater became a dog person. OK. Hate is a strong word. Misunderstanding is more like it. Since I didn’t grow up around dogs, I really didn’t get them. I had a fewContinue reading “On falling in love with dogs…”

Kitchen Tools I Love!

I consider myself an amateur foodie. I have always enjoyed cooking, and think of making good food as one of my “love languages.” Transitioning to cooking as a vegan wasn’t that difficult, but it’s helpful to have the right tools. Limiting my diet to only plant based foods, sometimes cooking with from scratch can beContinue reading “Kitchen Tools I Love!”

What’s a little anxiety….

Do you ever feel like something ridiculous happens in your day that seems symbolic of your life right now? For example, on Sunday evening, as I was cooking dinner, I heard a loud pop. I immediately knew what had happened. I had just experienced my first kombucha bomb. What’s a kombucha bomb, you ask? Well,Continue reading “What’s a little anxiety….”

5 Minute Breakfast!

Do you ever get into breakfast ruts? I love a savory breakfast, but it’s not always easy to make a quick tofu scramble before work or a run. But sweet breakfasts are much simpler. Whole grains are typically the base of any vegan diet, and oatmeal is a favorite. I cycle through overnight oat phases,Continue reading “5 Minute Breakfast!”

The Birth of a Brewmaster

While I can’t exactly claim to be a brewmaster yet, I’m starting a journey of kombucha brewing. Maybe we should call me a brewnovice? It’s a labor of love. I do really like the taste of kombucha, but often don’t drink it because of the cost. It’s a special treat for me. However, my husbandContinue reading “The Birth of a Brewmaster”

Grocery Store Tour for Vegans: Wegmans

Wegmans is a fairly new player in the Richmond market, migrating from up north. I have friends who grew up with Wegmans and swear they are the best grocery stores ever! I’ve found the stores to be very nice, however, a bit pricey for some items. They also lack a few brands of my favoritesContinue reading “Grocery Store Tour for Vegans: Wegmans”

My Name is Ocean

This is my entry into the Sports Backers creative writing contest as part of Bike Walk RVA’s Bike Month, which is celebrated in May. Events were a bit different this year due to the Coronavirus, and this one was a new addition to the program! Word limit was 500, which was challenging! This is myContinue reading “My Name is Ocean”

Easy Whole Grains: Village Harvest

A few weeks ago, I answered a random survey from Village Harvest to possibly engage in a consumer panel. I was excited to learn that I was selected, and I received some of their products last week! We all know how healthy whole grains are. It’s a staple of a healthy vegan diet! Farro, brownContinue reading “Easy Whole Grains: Village Harvest”