Sports Backers Half Marathon 2022: Race Recap

Who doesn’t love a hometown race? I mean, you get to sleep in your own bed, you typically see lots of friends on the course, and you are also usually familiar with the organization putting on the race! And another bonus: if you are a procrastinator signing up for races like me, there’s far lessContinue reading “Sports Backers Half Marathon 2022: Race Recap”

Minglewood Bake Shop: Vegan Restaurant Review

There’s nothing quite like the joy a vegan experiences when they visit an all vegan space! Remember my reference to the new vegan bakery in Carytown from my recent post about the rungries? This is the bakery I was talking about! Minglewood Bake Shop is in the heart of Carytown in Richmond, VA. Carytown isContinue reading “Minglewood Bake Shop: Vegan Restaurant Review”

For the Love of Books

I was a ravenous reader as a kid. I, of course, loved all of the Judy Blume books as a girl who grew up in the 80’s. I think I wore out my copy of Are You There, God? It’s Me, Margaret, which not only tackled the mysteries of puberty, but also of spirituality andContinue reading “For the Love of Books”

Path Narrows

Well, isn’t this an accurate statement right now? I saw this sign while on a run the other day. I’ve probably seen it 100 times, as it marks the boardwalk of a favorite trail, but that day, it spoke to me.  Who else is feeling helpless in an increasingly hostile world? We are being ledContinue reading “Path Narrows”

A Case of the Rungries

It’s mile 8 of my “only 12” mile long run. As my running partner and I are turning the corner on completing this journey, I realize I’ve exhausted all of my stories for the week. We’ve delved into deeper, philosophical conversation. We’ve shared lots of laughs this run, and maybe even a few tears. WeContinue reading “A Case of the Rungries”

The Power of a Hero

When I was little, I desperately wanted a hero; someone who could rescue me from sadness, from shame, from worry about all of my young life’s traumas.  As a teenager, I often sought a hero in the form of a boyfriend. After all, don’t the movies tell you that a knight in shining armor willContinue reading “The Power of a Hero”

I Need a Little Patience

My world has been lacking in one area especially as of late. My patience has been wearing thin.  Maybe it’s just because in my role as a healthcare provider, I spend so much of my day exhibiting extraordinary patience. So when it’s time to enter the “real world,” it seems I have none left forContinue reading “I Need a Little Patience”

For The Love of the Back of the Pack Runner

You know us. We make you feel good as you pass us on the race course. We are the ones who get the most money out of our race fees. We are still persisting, even after most spectators have gone home, and sometimes after all of the post-race food is gone. We run at aContinue reading “For The Love of the Back of the Pack Runner”

The Caregiving Conundrum

Finding yourself in the caregiving role as the leader of the village can be a bit overwhelming. For a while, you are in fight or flight, just trying to help your loved one survive. During any health crisis with a family member, I try to remain as objective as I can, using my professional knowledgeContinue reading “The Caregiving Conundrum”

Worst. Super Bowl Party. Ever.

Actually, I don’t really care about the Super Bowl. But I did get to watch it. (Well, most of it, including the epic halftime show!) But it wasn’t from the comfort of my sofa. It was from a chair in the hospital, my husband next to me in a hospital bed. So, he’s had someContinue reading “Worst. Super Bowl Party. Ever.”