It’s Time for Summer Camp for Grownups Again!

Fall marathon training season starts this weekend Behold! It’s the most wonderful time of the year! This weekend will mark the beginning of my 10th training season with the Sports Backers Marathon Training Team, and my 5th as a coach. I can’t believe it’s been that long! Once the kid who got out of runningContinue reading “It’s Time for Summer Camp for Grownups Again!”

It Was a Long 5 Miles on the Green Loop of my Ragnar Trail Race

Trail running at night may not be my thing My one and only trail Ragnar relay race was in 2017. It’s an annual event in Richmond held in Pocahontas State Park in April. It was 36 hours of little sleep, lots of running, and time with great friends.  That particular year, Mother Nature decided toContinue reading “It Was a Long 5 Miles on the Green Loop of my Ragnar Trail Race”

My Break from Running is Over

The roads were calling After a disappointing Spring marathon training season that ended in a canceled marathon as we were running it, I decided to take a break from running. I found myself completely unmotivated to run or work out, so I listened to my body.  And life, as happens sometimes, got in the wayContinue reading “My Break from Running is Over”

I Promised Myself I’d Take Time Off from Running

But this feels weird Here’s the deal. I was supposed to run America’s Toughest Road Race, the Blue Ridge Marathon, the other weekend. And I did. Well, sort of.  The race was canceled due to severe thunderstorms about 6 miles into my race. We made it 9 miles to the stop where buses would pickContinue reading “I Promised Myself I’d Take Time Off from Running”

How Long Was Your Marathon?

Blue Ridge Marathon Race Recap Well, my race did not go as planned. It was an act of nature, however, not my lack of athletic prowess that was the demise of this event. As the forecast for Saturday’s race was finalized, it was apparent that we would get wet. And the radar in the morningContinue reading “How Long Was Your Marathon?”

Tips for a Great Runcation

How to prepare for your out-of-town race Are you traveling for a race soon? Runcations, as we call them, can be super fun. But preparing for the big adventure can be stressful! I’m going to share a few things that I’ve learned over my years of running and traveling for races that have helped me!Continue reading “Tips for a Great Runcation”

Where Did my Mojo Go?

Or is it taper madness? It’s taper time in training for my 11th marathon. Up until this point, I’ve been extremely motivated in the process, going on all of my planned runs at the planned mileage.  But now that taper is here, the wheels are falling off. I simply have lost my motivation to run.Continue reading “Where Did my Mojo Go?”

Only Crazy People Run 20 Miles Solo

I guess this makes me crazy It’s peak week in training for the Foot Levelers Blue Ridge Marathon. All of my runs this week have been on my own. This isn’t necessarily bad, but I’ve surprised myself by reaching this point in my running career where knocking out multiple double-digit runs in one week seemsContinue reading “Only Crazy People Run 20 Miles Solo”

Road Runners Club of America Convention: Part 3

It’s a wrap! The biggest takeaway from this convention is that I have a greater sense of how special the Richmond Road Runners Club is. I have a much better appreciation for our size as a club, the number of races we do, and how much of an integral part of the Richmond running communityContinue reading “Road Runners Club of America Convention: Part 3”