Stop Telling People with Anxiety to Calm Down

Here are some things to say and do instead Keep calm and carry on. Should this be our mantra in this world full of danger, strife, and stress? Tell that to our overly anxious, overthinking brains.  As I lay in my bed, tossing and turning in that witching hour between 3:30 and 4:30 AM thisContinue reading “Stop Telling People with Anxiety to Calm Down”

When Running Causes Nightmares

But are double-digit runs finally becoming less intimidating? I’m currently training for my 11th marathon.  I’m also a person with high anxiety. This is both the reason why I run and why running can be so challenging at times.  But it’s not the act of running itself that creates anxiety. That’s simply placing one footContinue reading “When Running Causes Nightmares”

What I Learned from Dry January

Resetting my relationship with alcohol I had pegged this as a goal months ago. The last time I tried to do Dry January, I only lasted 10 days. I was a miserable failure. I was determined to complete my goal this time. Even though I had extenuating circumstances that arose after making this promise toContinue reading “What I Learned from Dry January”

Some Things Never Change…

Yesterday my team completed an 18 mile training run per the schedule. My team also worked the SAGs for the Saturday teams this week, led by the coaches. You would think that this being my 8th fall marathon training cycle that I would be used to the ramp up in mileage, and that my mindContinue reading “Some Things Never Change…”

What’s a little anxiety….

Do you ever feel like something ridiculous happens in your day that seems symbolic of your life right now? For example, on Sunday evening, as I was cooking dinner, I heard a loud pop. I immediately knew what had happened. I had just experienced my first kombucha bomb. What’s a kombucha bomb, you ask? Well,Continue reading “What’s a little anxiety….”

Anyone else feeling a bit anxious?

Anxious? Focus on what we CAN control right now. How many of us thought we’d see an outbreak like this in our lifetimes? Honestly, most days I feel like the queen of anxiety. My husband thinks my concern about COVID-19 is unwarranted. And yet here we are… in the midst of a pandemic. I thinkContinue reading “Anyone else feeling a bit anxious?”