Days that Physical Therapists Live For

Yesterday was a good day Sometimes in the world of a healthcare provider, it’s easy to become discouraged. Too much hurt and injustice can become overwhelming. It’s no wonder that nurses are leaving their profession in droves post-pandemic. But rehab professionals are a bit different. Not that we don’t have our struggles, too, because weContinue reading “Days that Physical Therapists Live For”

It’s My Six Year Vegan Anniversary!

I can’t believe it’s been this long Where has the time gone?  Although it’s true that I have been some version of vegetarian since I was 18, I was one of those veggies who swore they would never go vegan. That’s just crazy, right? Of course, I said this about running marathons, too, and lookContinue reading “It’s My Six Year Vegan Anniversary!”

My Bed Has Been Taken Over by Aliens

Maybe I should have never let them in to begin with, but it’s too late now Seriously. How did this happen? Ok. So the aliens are actually animals. My animals, at that. My precious fur babies.  I didn’t even want a dog. I’ve always had cats. But then my husband insisted I would grow toContinue reading “My Bed Has Been Taken Over by Aliens”

What Does it Mean to Run Mindfully?

How to utilize your time on your feet in a meditative way Mindfulness, a type of meditation, has been a hot topic lately. It’s no wonder.  We all are trying to survive a seemingly never-ending pandemic, deal with an uncertain future beyond our control, and manage everyday anxieties. With all the extra worry on ourContinue reading “What Does it Mean to Run Mindfully?”

What I Learned from Dry January

Resetting my relationship with alcohol I had pegged this as a goal months ago. The last time I tried to do Dry January, I only lasted 10 days. I was a miserable failure. I was determined to complete my goal this time. Even though I had extenuating circumstances that arose after making this promise toContinue reading “What I Learned from Dry January”