How a Box with a Panda Helped Me Reach a New Realization

My patients were right: getting old ain’t for sissies I found myself wandering the beauty and self-care aisles of a random TJ Maxx recently. I spotted something I hadn’t seen before: hydrogel eye patches. I was intrigued.  There wasn’t just one choice, but several, and one stood out to me. A pink box with aContinue reading “How a Box with a Panda Helped Me Reach a New Realization”

Notes from a Caregiver

“No!” This was my father-in-law’s response when I walked him to the car the other day, and I asked him to get in. My father-in-law, despite his Parkinson’s induced dementia, is still pretty congenial, so this reaction took me aback.  As he paused to process how to get in the car, I realized that theContinue reading “Notes from a Caregiver”

The Sandwich Generation

One of the classes I took in undergrad as part of my base curriculum for my masters program in physical therapy was lifespan and developmental psychology. I actually enjoyed this class, and have laughed a bit as I recognized my children or myself in the various stages of life about which we learned.  And nowContinue reading “The Sandwich Generation”