Stop Telling People with Anxiety to Calm Down

Here are some things to say and do instead Keep calm and carry on. Should this be our mantra in this world full of danger, strife, and stress? Tell that to our overly anxious, overthinking brains.  As I lay in my bed, tossing and turning in that witching hour between 3:30 and 4:30 AM thisContinue reading “Stop Telling People with Anxiety to Calm Down”

A Spiritual Revelation

I’m lying in my bed. It’s night time. I’m awakened by the sounds of rain, pounding harder by the second on the roof and against my window, and then suddenly, that sound is punctuated by booming thunder and bright lightning. The thunder is so monstrous that it shakes my room. It’s accompanied by an equallyContinue reading “A Spiritual Revelation”

Some Things are Better Left Unseen…

And that’s how I feel about what I encountered on Sunday during my team’s long run.  Our 12 mile run took us through the Fan area of Richmond, and we spent a good bit of time on Floyd Avenue, which was gleefully dotted with extravagant Halloween decorations.  But it wasn’t the Halloween decorations that wereContinue reading “Some Things are Better Left Unseen…”

Post Marathon Blues. Yes, it’s a Thing.

I had an incredibly enjoyable final long run of taper the Sunday before the marathon, spending the first 6 of my planned 8 miles with one of my sole sisters. The marathon training team had 12 on the schedule which I cut, also giving me the opportunity to see the continued evolution of what remainsContinue reading “Post Marathon Blues. Yes, it’s a Thing.”